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Our heritage

A family business for over 100 years

Inflite Engineering can trace it’s origins to 1919 with the founding of Victoria Welding by the current owner’s grandfather, William (Bill) Stephens. Since then, the family has founded several engineering companies including The Inflite Group.

Inflite’s history in British manufacturing spans over 100 years. Victoria Welding was started by William Stephens and begun its work in aviation with the manufacture of fighter fuselages. Yewlands was later started by the current owner, where a variety parts for Westland Helicopters, British Aerospace and even the consoles for the Trident Nuclear Subs were manufactured. After the eventual sale of Yewlands, H.E Ltd (short for hot form engineering) was founded in 1983. The owner imported two hot form machines from the US, both of which are still in operation today! The company started out supporting the production of engine blocks for Leyland, before again moving into aerospace.

Inflite was bought in 1994 and again engineering took over as the main focus of the organisation. H.E was to become Inflite Engineering by the end of 1996, and this formed the group as it is today. We now provide manufacture, maintenance, repair and overhaul services whilst also offering a fixed base operator service for private aircraft. With a total turnover of more than $110M, The Inflite Group has truly become a reliable and capable force within British aviation.


Victoria welding is founded

William (Bill) Stephens founds Victoria Welding in Stratford, London.

Inflite history
Inflite history


Assisting the war effort

Victoria Welding worked with the Ministry of Defence to manufacture fighter fuselage sections.


Broadcasting from crystal palace

Victoria Welding assists Marconi with the Crystal Palace TV Aerial.

Inflite history


Yewlands Engineering is formed

Members of the family form Yewlands Engineering, developing working partnerships with Plessey on the MK4 torpedo, Westland’s Helicopters on the Lynx undercarriage and main rotor head, and British Aerospace on the Tornado fighter jet.


H.E. ltd is founded

The company that was to become Inflite was founded in 1983 and immediately began gaining an envious reputation for the manufacture of complex spares, repairs and production items as well as leading the way with Titanium hot forming and welding.


H.E ltd renames to Inflite Engineering

Inflite was bought, and manufacturing moved to its current sites at Stansted and Bishop’s Stortford. The company grew into the Group that it is today. Supporting all aspects of the Aviation industry. With the engineering side continually investing in the latest machinery and growing in its ability to support its customers. Both of old and the new.