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CNC Milling and Turning

Inflite has a fully equipped CNC milling facility comprising of over 40 CNC machines operating in 3, 4, and 5 axis. With a maximum bed size of up to 7m long, and 1.4 metres wide Inflite’s Stansted facility holds a wide range of machine tools from Matsuura, Hermle, Handtmann, Mazak, and Hurco in order to complete a wide selection of machined components.

Our facilities include:

  • 12 x 3 axis CNC machines
  • 25 x 5 axis CNC machines
  • 5 x 4 axis CNC machines
  • 3 x Universal Grinders
  • 2 x manual Bridgeports
  • 1 x Jig Borer
  • 5 x 2 axis turnings machines

Inflite has a full CAD Suite where we utilise HyperMill CAM Software to offline program all work coming through the CNC facility. When 2D models are provided by the customer Inflite’s Programmers will create a 3D model before programming. Our skilled programmers look for the most efficient machining methods and adapt with the latest technology advancements in tooling to provide an efficient milling process.

To reduce our cutting times and increase output, Inflite utilises high speed spindles capable of up to 30’000rpm, as well as clustering multiple components per pallet and billet. When component size and batch quantity allows, billets are clamped to tombstones mounted onto our multi-pallet CNC machine tools. This reduces both turnaround time to our customers and machine downtime but allows for longer running time ‘when the lights go out’.

Inflite offers a comprehensive range of CNC Lathes from Mazak and XYZ. Those fitted with HydraFeed bar feeds allow for large batch quantities of bolts, bushes and pins to be run effortlessly and efficiently.

Within our turning cell Inflite regularly undertake:

  • Thread rolling
  • Turning to 1250mm in diameter

To support our CNC facility we have a selection of Merlin CMM Inspection machines, a temperature controlled inspection area, and a skilled inspection team who check each component through the manufacturing process. Providing First Article Inspection Reports (FAIRs) for all new parts, as well as any part where the milling process is changed. Our Inspection work with Operators and Engineers to ensure that re-works and scrapped components are minimal and quality is upheld by ensuring tooling is checked for wear, first off inspections are carried out and machine accuracy is maintained and checked frequently.

Our Programmers utilise Vericut software to make sure that all components are right first time by running a simulation to mimic what will happen on the machine tool, and allow for any issues to be addressed before metal is cut. Inflite’s objective is to achieve a nil scrap rate and adopt a ‘check twice, cut once’ mentality to quality.

3D Printing

Inflite utilises a Fortus450 3D printer in order to make fixtures, shop aids, jigs and tooling to assist our production needs. By adopting 3D printing of tooling we have now freed up time on our CNC machines and benches, and no longer have to rely as much on subcontracted tool makers. Passing cost and time saved onto our customers.

We have the ability to undertake 3D printing up to a 450mm x 450mm bed size. Offering a range of materials including Nylon 12CF (Carbon Fibre), ULTEMtm resin and ST-130 soluble material for sacrificial composite tooling. 3D printing is also used to manufacture samples and prototypes quickly and cheaply.

Our capabilites

Complex Assembly

Major aircraft components and sub-assemblies.

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Sheet metal, heat treatments, forming, pressing, welding & brazing.

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