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Inflite Engineering has two facilities concentration on the fabrication, welding, heat treatment and assembly of sheet metal parts. NapCap approved since 2007 for NDT, Welding and Heat Treatment. Inflite’s two sheet metal shops has a vast portfolio of capabilities, such as Hot forming, pressing, wheeling and pipe bending; as well as our own in house testing facilities.

Inflite has a highly skilled workforce that have over the years gained a reputation that simply nothing isn’t possible. We offer a one stop shop for all of our customers’ requirements, even when other companies shy away. From simple brackets, up to high level assemblies, and everything in between.

Sheet Metal

Manufacturing of precision fabricated details for the aerospace industry in a variety of materials including aluminium, titanium, inconcel, stainless steel and mild steel.

Hot forming

In-House Stretch Forming, Hot Forming, Fluid Press, Rubber Press, Drop Hammer, Double Action Press & Triple action Press, Press Brake Machine Bending and forming. Including a huge selection of sizes of Pipe Bending for every application.

Our fully qualified engineers conduct hardness & Tensile testing in-house, we offer a -25Deg C chilling service, and Solvent & Aqua Wash degrease cleaning providing FOD free product delivery. This wide range of manufacturing methods allows Inflite to undertake a large range of capabilities all under one roof, without having to rely on subcontracting.

Inflite is one of the few suppliers within the UK and Europe to offer Hot Forming of Titanium. Having been involved in hot forming since the 1970s, Inflite (then Yewlands) was the key player bringing the technology to the UK from the United States. Hot forming is the process where the tool and material is heated to a high temperature (as specified on the specs) that then allows for complex shapes to be produced that is at a reduced risk of splitting, free of thinning, strong and that may be unable to be formed by other methods. Our range of hot forming machines use single and dual form methods providing Inflite the ability to assist in tooling design in order to produce consistently accurate parts, and at a competitive cost.


Heat Treatment

Inflite’s aerospace approved heat treatment facility, fully integrates into our hot and cold forming and assembly services. Heat treatment is an essential support facility to our processes, and meets the standards of NADCAP, as well as specific customer approvals.

Within Inflite’s Heat Treatment facility we regularly undertake:

  • Annealing of aluminium
  • Solution treatment of aluminium
  • Precipitation of aluminium
  • Stress relieving of stainless steel and titanium
  • Degreasing

Capacity of 4 Induction Furnaces of 2 cubic meters to 7 cubic meters and 2 Gas fired from 3 cubic meters to 6.7 cubic meters.

Brazing & Welding

Our welding section is NadCap Approved for Spot & Seam, MIG, TIG, Gtaw, Poke and Lagging, including brazing. For process reliability we provide in-house NDT, x-ray radiography and pressure testing on all our processes.

Other capabilities

Complex Assembly

Major aircraft components and sub-assemblies.

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Surface Treatments

Inflite AST provides essential surface treatments, anodising, mask and paint finish, and NDT.

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